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From Our June 2016 Newsletter:
>Finances and Buying a Home

Home ownership has always been a top dream for millions of Americans, and with the many television shows, magazines and other media geared toward owning a home in the U.S., buying a home is very much a reality in our country.More info here.

The heat is on! That includes both the temperature and the real estate market. 2016 has been SIZZLING, with no signs of things cooling off anytime soon. Our best listings, priced reasonably and well-prepared for the market, are still moving in a matter of days, and sometimes in just hours—and this has been the case for several months now. As we’ve been telling you, we’ve not seen a market like this in quite some time, and this still feels different from the boom of the mid-2000s. This market is built on true supply and demand, and not on gimmicks and no-down payment programs that led to the scalding markets of that time. Those markets eventually collapsed. We don’t see that happening here. 

As new construction continues to make its comeback, and inventory slowly builds, the quick-sale pace may slow some, but low interest rates and the re-entry into the market of many consumers who have now recovered from losses they suffered in the early part of this decade should make for a continued robust market. 

 As we have noted, the housing market had three big questions heading into this year:

Will listing inventory levels rise to meet demand in the first quarter? And STILL not yet, so far. 

 What impact will the specter of rising interest rates have on how quickly buyers hit the market this year? Well, buyers have been and are still out in force. But interest rates are still extremely low. Buyers are still moving quickly to take advantage of the continued historically-low rates.

 How will the upcoming presidential election affect real estate, and when will we begin to feel those effects? That is still to be determined. It honestly bears watching. But so far, we can’t see any negative impact.

 So, what does that mean to you? Well, it’s summer time now. The market typically peaks from now through August. You don’t want to wait a second longer. Call us now. 601-664-6980.

 If you are a buyer, properties are moving FAST. If you want to get settled into a new home before schools starts back, get together with a lender and an agent NOW. Homes are selling in days. Demand exceeds supply, and lookers turn into buyers in June and early July. It’s only going to get tougher to take advantage of the good homes when they hit the market. Call us now. 601-664-6950. 

Sellers: If you have not done your planning and preparation, it’s time to get moving. Most folks need to do at least a little sprucing up, and we are here to help you figure out what to do now. Don’t forget: We go the extra mile to help our clients prepare their homes for the market; price them right; stage them well; and we invest wisely in professional photography, video and effective online marketing. 

Buyers: New financing and closing regulations mean longer waits between contract and closing, so don’t assume you know what to expect. A lot has changed – in 2010, and again last October, so if you have not been in the market in several years, you’ll find our buyer orientation programs useful and beneficial. Also, buyers need the freshest, most accurate info on homes for sale to take advantage of sometimes brief windows of opportunity when the right home hits the market. And, that’s what The Hetrick Team does well. We make sure our buyer clients are ready to buy—prepared, poised and ready to go. Our buyers stay a step ahead of the market. 

As we have been for 18 years, we are here to help. Just give us a call or drop us a line.
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The Hetrick Team
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